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Growth and Innovation for our Community – Preparing Dollard-des-Ormeaux for the Future

Work, play and live in Dollard-des-Ormeaux - New and innovative projects to improve the quality of life for our residents.

Over the last 12 years I have been privileged to serve you as City Councillor. I have a vision for Dollard-des-Ormeaux, to make it the jewel of the West Island. I have many exciting and innovative ideas and projects that I would like to propose. I pledge to work closely and collaborate with all elected officials, and as a council we will explore, evaluate and implement if viable the following:

Finance and Economic Development

1. Development of a Business Technoparc

A private investment venture located in our industrial zone, the development of a business Technoparc will provide many benefits. It will generate employment growth and help achieve a better work life balance for our residents employed by these new businesses. It will allow us to build a strong business community within Dollard-des-Ormeaux, and cultivate the relationships to mutual advantages for years to come. It will generate additional tax revenue for the city which will decrease the tax burden of our residents. As Mayor, I will champion this venture, to ensure its responsible development.


2. City Finances

As Mayor, I pledge to conduct a complete overview of the city finances to ensure our money is spent effectively and responsibly. I will revamp our budgets to accurately meet targets and to ensure that our tax burden is always minimized. We must also begin to investigate and pursue new revenue streams, to offset our costs.

Sports and Recreation

1. Creation of a joint venture Multi-Sports Indoor Complex

To meet the ever-growing demand for indoor sporting facilities, as Mayor I will collaborate closely with private investors to ensure the creation of a joint venture, cutting-edge facility in Dollard-des-Ormeaux. This will allow Dollard-des-Ormeaux residents to maximize their enjoyment of year-round sports, including soccer, basketball and volleyball. Similar ventures have already been implemented in other cities, such as Baie-D’Urfé and Vaudreuil. To differentiate us and maximize our benefit, a close collaboration with university researchers and professionals in the areas of health and fitness, and state-of-the-art facilities, will ensure the elite training of our athletes. Further, an adapted gym will be created to include the participation of all Dollard-des-Ormeaux residents, including our seniors and those with physical limitations. Special programming and workshops will be offered by select professionals, such as physiotherapists, with the goal of health promotion and injury prevention. This facility would also benefit our children who are part of Sports Études programs, as well as provide general “free play time” for our residents.


2. Addition of a 4th Ice Rink at the Civic Center

This addition will alleviate the congestion of the three other rinks, allowing for increased use by our residents and the hosting of additional hockey tournaments. It will allow us to create new programs and expand upon existing ones. Over the last 15 years our winters have experienced unusual warm spells which render the outdoor skating rinks unusable, and our children no longer have the usage of outdoor rinks as they once had. The creation of a 4th rink would maximize accessibility all year round.


3. Sports Cafés

As Mayor, I will approve the addition of Sports Cafés, to be located at both the Civic Center and the Multi Sports Complex. These cafés and lounge areas will provide quality food and beverages and a relaxing and enjoyable area for our residents to gather.


4. Splash Park

Following the huge success of the splash park at Sunnybrooke Park I will explore the feasibility of building other splash parks, to increase accessibility for all of our families to enjoy.


5. Bicycle and Pedestrian/Jogging Paths

A comprehensive review of our entire street network is needed. Most of Dollard-des-Ormeaux’s streets were built in the 1960s-1980s, and were not necessarily built to meet the demands of today.  Some roads are too narrow to allow for two lanes of traffic and/or pedestrian walkways and/or bicycle paths. We need to meet the demands of tomorrow. As we carry out already planned maintenance and rebuilding of our roadways, I will, where possible, reconfigure the streets to allow ample space for cars, and to integrate bicycle paths and pedestrian walkways. This would entail negligible costs, but improve safety for our cyclists, joggers and pedestrians. To ensure maximum use, I will also collaborate closely with our neighbouring cities to integrate our paths where possible.


6. Free Sports Days

To promote physical fitness, as Mayor, I will champion the creation of Free Sports Days, when all residents will be welcome to use all Dollard-des-Ormeaux facilities, free of charge.


7. The Dollard Centre for the Arts

We are very fortunate and proud in Dollard-des-Ormeaux to benefit from a vibrant Centre for the Arts. In collaboration with the Center for the Arts, I will look to enhance and expand the programs offered across all ages and promote our programs within the community.


1. LRT – Light Rail Transport

Dollard-des-Ormeaux residents are set to benefit from our proximity to several LRT stations. We are at the forefront of something unique, and must capitalize on this. Projected to run in late 2020, this new public transportation venture will integrate Dollard-des-Ormeaux residents into a mass transit system connecting our communities. The LRT stations will improve access to our Technoparc and the Multi-Sports Complex as well as our industrial and commercial base. Our residents will benefit from improved transportation options.   As your Mayor, I will collaborate closely with the CDPQ and our neighbouring communities to lobby for our interests and ensure maximum benefits for our residents.

EN https://www.cdpqinfra.com/en/Reseau_electrique_metropolitain


2. Bus Services

As Mayor, I will lobby the STM to increase the bus services for our residents, including increased frequency of services and number of bus shelters.


3. Traffic

We have all felt the endless frustrations of the commute along Sources Blvd. and Saint-Jean Blvd. – unsynchronized lights, narrow lanes, removal of a lane by the STM for buses and high occupancy vehicles, and overall congestion. To improve our quality of life and save time, we need to explore innovative solutions to minimize the headaches of the morning and afternoon commute. We must work closely with neighbouring cities and Montreal to explore these solutions.

a. Smart Traffic Lights

It has been determined that the use of Smart Lights can reduce wait time at intersections by more than 25% during rush hour, and consequently decrease carbon dioxide emissions by more than 6.5%, a win-win for both commuters and for the environment. San Diego has implemented such a system and has shrunk travel time by 25%. The amount of times a car needed to stop during rush hour was diminished by 53%. The installation of Smart Traffic Lights was deemed to be less expensive than widening roads or building transit lines. The City of Toronto is set to install Smart Traffic Lights in the coming years. As Mayor, I will explore the feasibility of installing Smart Traffic Lights on Sources Blvd. and Saint-Jean Blvd. and assess its appropriateness for our city.






b. Addition of residents onto our Traffic Committee

As part of the internal workings of the city we have a Traffic Committee comprised of internal staff to address our traffic issues. However, an important voice is missing from that committee – YOURS. As Mayor, I will have residents sit on this committee to ensure both transparency and additional input.


4. Parking

As Mayor, I will continue to resolve our street parking issues to meet the needs of our residents. I will conduct a full review of the policies surrounding this issue and make changes where necessary.

City Services

As Mayor, I will conduct a thorough review of all aspects of our city’s services to ensure we are meeting the needs of our residents in a financially responsible, timely and efficient manner. This will include:

  • A complete review of our departmental policies, practices, systems and procedures to ensure that we are implementing best practices in these areas.
  • Returning to a customer centric approach at city hall – Our residents must come first, not our processes. We need to find better and more timely ways to respond to our residents. We need to simplify our city procedures and reduce waiting times for permits.
  • Institute a 24-hour policy on returning phone calls and emails to residents.
  • Complete revision and modernization of our communication plan.
  • Addition of public Wi-Fi hot spots.
  • Implement a simple web-based system for residents to file complaints or concerns with the city, 24/7.
  • Implement on-line registration across the board for all activities.

As well, I will work closely with surrounding cities to find synergies, best practices and to consolidate purchasing (economies of scale), with the goal of minimizing the tax burden of our residents and improving our overall services.

Electrification of our city

Approximately half of all electric cars bought in Canada are bought in Quebec. The city of Montreal aims to have 1000 charging stations by 2020. In 2015, stations were used on average sixty (60) to seventy-five (75) times per month.

As responsible citizens, we need to encourage this cleaner use of energy. As Mayor, I will encourage the installation of electric charging stations on both city property and commercial areas, such as it is done in other cities like Dorval, Beaconsfield, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, and Pointe-Claire.




A vital part of our community, we need to ensure the continued engagement and health of our seniors. As Mayor, I pledge to address their concerns and needs.

I will establish a Seniors Advisory Committee comprised of Dollard-des-Ormeaux seniors, city staff, and other appropriate professionals to better understand and address their needs.

I will continue to support the seniors’ grant and promote the “are you ok?” program.

I will promote ventures aimed at reducing senior isolation.

I will facilitate seniors’ participation in fitness classes and community events, by addressing the need for adapted gym equipment, parking for individuals with reduced mobility, and facilitating transport to and from community centers.

I will have professionals hosting workshops dedicated to improving seniors’ financial security, mental, emotional health, and physical health, such as classes focused on diabetes management, nutrition, etc.

I will evaluate keeping the meeting and social rooms in the Dollard-des-Ormeaux Civic Center open on weekends for the seniors, and adding outings to our regular programming.

In partnerships with schools, daycares, senior residences and associations, I will promote and facilitate bridging the gap between our youth and seniors, such as by:

  • Storytelling (a senior to a group of children).
  • Youth teaching seniors use of computers and smartphones.
  • Community gardens with youth/senior cultivating and then cooking together.
  • Seniors sharing their experience and knowledge with youth
  • Youth writing memoirs for seniors.
  • Intergenerational walking groups (in schools or community centres).
  • Intergenerational games (bingo, cards, chess, trivia, board games, etc.).









As Mayor, I aim to engage our youth and involve them in all aspects of city life. I will establish a Youth Advisory Committee, to better understand their concerns.

I will promote and facilitate the creation of career-building internships for our youth.

I will provide opportunities for our youth to experience municipal functioning in action, through various educational opportunities, including job shadowing.

Community Engagement

As Mayor, I will promote and improve community engagement among our residents through the:

  • Creation of yearly community BBQs in local parks.
  • Promotion and facilitation of neighbourhood block parties.
  • Creation of community gardens.
  • Creation of a Multicultural Community Advisory Committee for continuous feedback and collaboration.
  • Close collaboration with non-for profits to ensure the needs of our community are being met.
  • Increasing cultural events, e.g. art in the park, orchestra in the park, theater in the park, multiple communal garage sales.

Public Security

Dollard-des-Ormeaux prides itself on being a safe place to live. Our security and police do a great job ensuring our continued safety. As Mayor, I will:

Conduct a full review of the policies surrounding this issue and make changes where necessary.

Establish a working committee between our public security, police and key community stakeholders to ensure close collaboration and proactivity.

Increase traffic calming measures to increase safety on our local streets, especially around schools and parks, to help reduce speeding on our streets.

Aid in the implementation of neighbourhood watch programs.

Increase security surveillance of all places of worship and schools to better protect our children and other residents.


With three children of my own, I wish to protect our environment to ensure a better and healthier future for all the children of Dollard-des-Ormeaux. As Mayor, I will:

  • Promote composting for all households.
  • Continue to promote and expand the recycling program.
  • Expand our tree planting program to aid in the replacement of trees lost to the Emerald Ash Borer, and to improve our canopy cover.
  • Promote the highest environmental standards for all future buildings.
  • Aid in the implementation of green practices for all Dollard-des-Ormeaux private and public facilities.
  • Address traffic concerns (see Traffic Policy) thereby reducing emissions.
  • Encourage creation of electric car charging stations to promote use of electric vehicles.
  • Develop a business Technoparc to keep Dollard-des-Ormeaux residents working closer to home.
  • Maintain and enhance our beautiful parks and green spaces.


Public Works

To ensure that our city is functioning at maximum efficiency, I will:

  • Improve snow removal on our secondary streets.
  • Ensure the continued upgrading of snow removal equipment.
  • Improve efficiency in street cleaning/sweeping in the summer, including the removal of weeds growing in streets and sidewalks.
  • Continue conversion to LED lighting.
  • Conduct a thorough review of electricity costs and our contract with Hydro Quebec to generate cost savings.

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